Tips and Tricks of the Landscape Industry

  • Plan for Year Round Interest 

    • Keep year round interest in mind when selecting plant materials for a landscape. Consider the different aesthetics: foliage, growth habit, flowers, fruit, fall color, bark, branches. There are plant materials for every season! Follow our Landscaping By Season’s Blog to stay posted on plant materials for every season!

  • Connect Points of Interest with a Walkway

    • Create an attractive path from the outdoor living space to the gazebo, and from the gazebo to the pond. Use stepping stones, natural flagstone, decorative brick, or crushed stone to create an inviting walkway through the yard.

  • Bring Corners of the Property to Life with a Berm

    • Berms add color and texture to an otherwise flat, plain lawn with colored stone, flowers, or foliage. Enclose your backyard oasis with a natural privacy hedge elevated up on a berm in the corner of the property.

  • Make a Water Feature Look Natural

    • From small bubbling fountains to large flowing waterfalls, all water features should look like they belong in their surroundings. Using natural stone, or matching the stone that’s on the side of the house, or material that’s in a retaining wall helps make a water feature blend into it’s surroundings.

  • Add an Outdoor Seating Area

    • Adding a patio out away from the house makes for a nice outdoor getaway. Natural flagstone, decorative brick, or crushed stone make a great base for benches, chairs, and tables. Surround the area with trees and flowers to make a peaceful location of relaxation.

  • Use a Variety of Plant Materials

    • Using a diverse range of plant materials that bloom at different times makes for an attractive planting bed all season long. Otherwise, if all the flowers were to bloom at the same time, there would be a significant lack of color and interest in that location the rest of the season.

  • Create Curved Lines Instead of Straight Lines

    • Adding edging around the house and flower beds gives everything a finished look. Instead of doing straight lines along the front of the house, change it up and add curves around the corners, and around plantings. Nature doesn’t have straight lines, so try to naturalize your surroundings with curves. Not to mention it will make mowing around the yard much easier to follow a curved line, instead of making a 90 degree turn.

  • Illuminate Focal Points and Walkways

    • An attractive landscape should be seen after hours, and not just during daylight hours. On those long summer nights when your sitting out by the campfire, don’t lose sight on how big your yard actually is because the sun went down. Illuminating steps and sidewalks for safety to showcasing points of interest in the landscape, landscape lighting serves many purposes.

  • Make it your style!

    • Your yard and landscaping are an important part of the overall look and functionality of your home; make it a place that reflects your style. Entertaining, Relaxation, Modern, Natural, to Clean cut. Design your yard to what suites you best.

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