Weather Damage and Prevention

Often our first thoughts are attack by pest or disease, but many times it is due to the weather. A single weather event can cause damage, such as a storm, snow or frost.

Signs of weather damage include:

  • Brown leaves

  • Scorched leaves

  • Physical damage

  • Creased leaves

  • Bud and leaf drop

  • Dieback of shoots or whole plants

Weather events damaging to gardens:

  • Drought

  • Sun and high temperatures

  • Flooding/ Heavy Rain

  • Hail

  • Frost/ Snow

  • High Winds

Weather Damage

Drought Damage

What is Winter Burn?

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Heavy Snow and Ice

Preventing Salt Damage

Insect and Disease Problems

Most plants do not need regular maintenance for insect and disease control until a problem is detected. However many home fruit plantings are attacked by insects and disease. Often the infestations are well established before the grower realizes what has happened. Several good “all purpose” sprays can be purchased, and they will do a satisfactory job when used according to directions.

Tip: Insect and disease control treatments provide a healthier, more attractive landscape and protect your investment by preventing damage.

Insect and Disease Problems

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Animal Pest Damages and Prevention

Deer and Rabbits

How To Identify Deer Damage

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How To Identify Rabbit Damage

Mole’s and Vole’s

How To Recognize Mole and Vole Damage

How To Prevent Mole and Vole Damage

Frostbite/ Heat Exhaustion Symptoms

Frostbite or Frostnip Symptoms

Heat Exhaustion or Heat Stroke Symptoms